Planning to Buy a Refrigerated Vehicle – Important Tips That Could Help

If you are planning to buy a refrigerated van, you will have to do it thoughtfully. Investing in a refrigerated van is considered Capital Expenditure. Therefore, this one-time investment has to be worth every penny.

So, before you step into the showroom few crucial points need consideration. Read more to learn details of the freezer van buying guide from the refrigerated van experts.

Things to Consider Before Buying Refrigerated Vehicle

Let us find out those points which will make the investment in a refrigerated vehicle worthy.

Smart Temperature Regulators

Today refrigerated vans are available with a Smart Temperature Regulation System. You can also call them temperature control spots or zones. It means the cargo space in the freezer van can function with multiple temperatures at the same time.

A divider is required to separate every temperature spot. The division made inside the cargo area has individual air ducts. These ducts control the temperature in each division. Subsequently, you can set multiple temperatures in one cargo area only. It is a factor that allows you to transport several items in one single trip.

For instance, if you are transporting fruits and ice cream in a single trip, you will have to set 2 temperatures separately. With features of temperature control space in your van, you will easily transport in one go instead of multiple trips.

Size and Space of Cargo

Freezer Vans are available in different sizes. For carrying small loads, hatchback-sized vans are ideal. Another available size is the mid-sized freezer vans that are not different from regular-sized vans. Lastly, you have refrigerated trucks, usually in large sizes. It gets used for transporting long-distance items that are perishable.

The decision to purchase a specific size of van depends upon your daily business operations. If you are in the business of delivering small items for a restaurant or pharmaceutical company, small vans are the best. A mid-sized van would suit something bigger than this. If you win a contract to deliver raw fish and meat to different cities, think of buying big refrigerated trucks.

Running Costs

Price is crucial for considering your decision for any purchase. Investing in a refrigerated van is a big decision. The cost comes to over ten thousand dollars for buying a small brand-new van. The price keeps increasing with the increase in the size of the truck.

It is a fact that not everyone is in a position to invest in these expensive vans. Moreover, to maintain these refrigerated vans, there is plenty you need to spend on maintenance. Therefore, before investing in the refrigerated van, ensure that it is cost and maintenance are well under your budget.

Well-known brands offer refrigerated vans, but their brand-new vehicle may cost more than forty thousand dollars. If you are not willing to spend too much, a second-hand van could be a good option. The investment in second-hand vans is lesser than the brand-new ones.

If buying a freezer is out of your budget, these vans are also available for rent. The rent option is dependent on an hourly or daily basis. The rent also differs from location to location. The size and the facilities the van provides also impact the rental value.

Economy and Range

The cost of operation of the refrigerated van is more than the regular trucks and vans. Consumption of fuel is more as the freezers need to maintain the required range of temperature. Also, the vans sometimes travel long-distance.

Hence you will have to consider fuel economy and range while opting for a freezer van. It is crucial when you operate with large refrigerated trucks for deliveries from one city to another. A regular-sized refrigerated van gives a mileage of over 35-38 per gallon. However, it varies based on road conditions, traffic, and cargo load.

Right Kind of Investment

When you step out to invest in a freezer van, always consider the above points. The cost of buying a refrigerated van is high, and you would not like your decision going wrong. Therefore, give yourself time before finalizing the van buying decision. It is necessary to do deep research before considering buying the refrigerated van.

Keep in mind that the cost will not stop till buying the vehicle. There is always running cost involved which you must know well. Make a delivery plan in a way that will add to the profit of your business operation.

The van standing in the parking lot will add to the cost for your business. Make sure to win various contracts so that your truck is always engaged constantly. At the same time, make sure that you have proper maintenance plans for your van.

The spending on maintenance will enhance the life of your truck. Keep provision for wear and tear of your refrigerated van or truck. So that by a specific period, you have enough funds to buy a new van. It will help in your business continuity.

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