Conditions For A Nasty Slip and Fall

Despite reputations of claim blame cases, litigation surrounding individuals who suffer falls as a result of external conditions is a valuable framework to maintain a level of safety to public spaces.

The extent to personal physical damage can be way more than a bruised knee or sprained ankle. In itself, it can affect existing conditions to become highly aggravated and leading to on going mobility issues. It can also have fatal consequences if the fall involves impact to the head or affects the spinal cord.

To this end, having a level of respect and understanding of ones surrounding can mitigate any potential accidents from happening. Ultimately, litigation and compensation are last resorts to something that money might never be able to buy. Ones own health and life quality ahead.

Here are some conditions for nasty slip and fall accidents that one need be weary of.

Icy weather
An obvious one but nevertheless avoidable. When atmospheric moisture settles on surfaces and the inevitable temperature drops below freezing in north hemisphere locations, this turns into ice.

Any area exposed to moisture and the fluctuations of temperature will inevitably form ice.

Mitigating slip incidents can happen through applying grit and gravel to walkways. It is the responsibility of the council or private landowner, that if areas are designated as public walkways, they need to have fully maintained surfaces to prevent slipping.

Other Climates
On the same note, other climates can affect the chances of slip and fall. Rainy conditions are hard to manage and might lessen ones chances of claiming against those responsible for the walkway. Since rain is a harder type of weather to control, especially since torrential showers are becoming ever present. To help reduce water plaining on pavements, sufficient drainage is a legally binding condition.

Unfortunately windy conditions are even harder to mitigate. Modern housing estates experience wind tunnel effects on certain routes through its corridors. In this occasion, personal responsibly is often only applied along with a warning sign.

One of the most spontaneous slip and fall scenarios are spillages. Consider a public café or bar where drinks are consumed.
The opportunity for drinks to spill onto the ground is really common, particularly in the later, and often staff is usually told later on after the fact.
To this end it’s a common issue in some public drinking spaces if the floor is made from linoleum.

Building Spaces
Building sites, workshops and even theatre sets. It all simply boils down to spaces where things are being built and with this understanding, the fluctuating use of space.

Consider the use of materials and where to store this along with vast amounts of waste on building sites. Along with the fact that the pace of the changes makes it very hard to keep vigilance over the safety on building sites.

Workshops are a little easier to manage but even then, a moment of distraction can lead to knocking into something. Theatre sets are the same.

These are certainly environments which could easily lead to slips and falls, and damage claims in the future. Make sure to learn about the types of compensation you can receive to see exactly what you can do in the future.

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