Losing car keys is a devastating and frustrating ordeal. If you lose your car keys and have no spare, you are rendered immobile and stranded. It is especially tricky because when you lose your car keys, you realize that you should have gotten a spare one made for emergencies like this. Unfortunately, it’s done, and the only thing left is to get yourself out of it. Losing car keys is common. It happens every day, so there is a solution to it.

First, panicking may not be helpful. All you need to do at that moment is determine the type of car keys you have lost. Note that the make and designs of car keys have evolved. After you have figured out the kind of keys you had, it is time to start looking for a solution. If you have lost car keys in Hayes, here is what to do.

Search your immediate area one more time

When you lose your cars, do not panic, as panicking even makes the problem worse. You need to stay calm and composed. Composure gives you the calmness to be able to assess the surrounding area again. It may be possible that you placed your car keys in a drawer and forgot, and now you think you dropped them elsewhere. Many people tend to misplace their car keys and write them off as being lost.  Take your time to search your immediate area, even where it seems unlikely.

Check your vehicle

When you ascertain that your car keys are not in your immediate surrounding, probably in the house, restaurant, office, etc., check your vehicle. There are several cases where people lock their car keys in the car, which may be due to forgetfulness or unconsciously when someone has too much on their mind. If you’ve locked the car keys in your vehicle, your worry will now be about getting a locksmith to get you back the keys.

Get all the necessary information about your car model and the car keys design.

When you have entirely lost your car keys and have no spare key, you will need to find a locksmith to help you out. But you have to provide them with details of your car model and the car keys design. That information will help them get you the right car keys that will operate your car. It is okay to tell them the kind of a replacement you need. Since there are so many car models, you need to identify the make, model, and year of your car. You can get the information on your insurance card or logbook, but the locksmith can examine your car lock if you can’t access such information.

Choose between a dealer and a locksmith.

Going to a locksmith is affordable as they can make you a replacement key without much of a hassle. That is especially easier if your car keys do not need programming. If the locksmith doesn’t know how to tackle your more intricate car keys, they will let you know or refer you to a dealer.

Get a spare key

Take advantage of this situation and have the locksmith make you a spare key. It might appear costly to get spare car keys, especially if they need to be programmed, but it is an excellent preventative measure.

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