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Types of Bike Bearings

Bearings are a vital feature for a well-functioning bicycle. Although they are not visible, the component functionality and performance will most probably rely on them. You can find bearings in various sections of the bicycle, such as the pivots. They work by overseeing the movement of separate parts that join via rolling. Bearings have, however, a small area meaning they cannot support heavy loads. Finding these small items is an easy task. With the advance in technology, it is easy to find an online bearing shop just by the touch of a button. Below we discuss various designs of bike bearings.

Types of bike bearings

ISB bearings

The ISB bearings are the most popular among riders because when looked after properly, they last longer. You might want to clean and ensure you lubricate them well if you want them to last. They entail balls that manufacturers place radially. They are effective, and they lower friction better than other systems. They exist in several ways, such as the RZ.

RV Max bearings

The RV Max bearings can support numerous weights without the size having to increase. They exist to fit the whole area of the swingarm and the absorbers. Its designs include the full ball feature that enables you to load it with as many balls as you want. The RV Max bearing has deeper track rings to ensure the equipment achieves support at the pivot. These bearings boast close to 50% higher load capacity compared with other standard components. There is an assurance of protection and minimal lubrication when you purchase them.

Ceramic ISB bearings

With the Ceramic ISB bearings, the manufactured steel is replaced by a material at the ball area in hybrid bicycles or the full ceramic where all balls at the tracks are covered. These bearings are found at both wheels, and they guarantee efficiency once they are in good condition. In turn, it improves bicycle performance. You will enjoy prolonged service that other bearings with the same conditions. They also have better operation speeds. It has low friction levels because its balls are light, making their operations smooth. These ceramic balls are lightweight, thus producing minimal centrifugal forces leading to low friction rates. It occurs because these balls require minimal energy to function at high speeds. These bearings resist oxidation, and they maintain proper rolling for extended periods. They require minimal maintenance than others; they work well with lesser lubrication.

ISB bearings

The technique applied between the fork and the frame determines the bike’s direction. The ISB bearings enable the tube to rotate enabling the front wheel to move, thus, enabling riders to change the bike direction. It would help to know two forms of directions vary with the power utilized when it was joined at the frame.


Bearingsare available in different forms and one chooses the one to purchase depending on their intended location to be used among other reasons. With the above information, you have information about the various bearing types if you want to purchase them.

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