Woodside Credit and Their Great Partners and Sponsorships

A purple exotic car similar to the classic and exotic cars that Woodside Credit creates loans for.

Lending companies build up their reputation in numerous ways. One way Woodside Credit has differentiated itself from its competitors comes down to the quality partners and sponsorships they have with other big names in the industry.

As a lending company offering only auto financing options for exotic and classic cars, Woodside Credit loves working with some great names. Whether it’s a worthwhile partnership or sponsoring an event, these connections help solidify their reputation as a lending leader.

Barrett-Jackson Auctions

Known as the world’s greatest collector car auctions, Barrett-Jackson auctions works directly with Woodside Credit to provide finance solutions at any time. Woodside Credit is the exclusive loan provider for the auctions held all around the United States each year. The two companies have worked together for over a decade, keeping the buying and financing process as efficient as possible.

Woodside Credit encourages people to get a pre-approved amount before settling in and making bids at an auction. However, at each event, representatives from the lending company help clients during the event who want to finance a vehicle. This is an excellent opportunity to talk over specifics in addition to online and over-the-phone resources.

Recent growth by Barrett-Jackson has many excited about the future. They set sales records during the recent Scottsdale event at the beginning of 2023. 

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Woodside Credit sponsors the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, which is the flagship of Pebble Beach automotive week. Known as one of the most important automotive events in the world, Woodside Credit is there for its clients to ensure they have opportunities to finance when possible.

Concours d’Elegance is the heart of the collector car culture. They will have hundreds of millions of dollars worth of vehicles being showcased and launches of the latest cars from manufacturers. This is perfect for a company like Woodside Credit, as they specialize in financing exotic and collector cars. Woodside Credit will have a booth at the Concours d’Elegance where those attending the event can get approved for a loan to finance a collector or exotic vehicle. 

Porsche Club of America

Any member of the Porsche Club of America has access to classic and exotic car financing through Woodside Credit. When shopping on the PCA marketplace, Woodside Credit’s low monthly payment quotes are available to view. This means it’s easy to estimate the low monthly payment on the next purchase of a Porsche.

The 911 remains the most popular Porsche financed through Woodside Credit. Working with PCA makes it easier to simplify the buying process with an easy loan process.

Cruisin’ for a Cure

Known by many as the largest one-day car show on the West Coast, Cruisin’ for a Cure takes place yearly at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Its purpose is to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer prevention. Many activities are packed into one day, and Woodside Credit is proud to be a title sponsor for the show.

It’s estimated that over 3000 vehicles and tens of thousands of people attend the event each year. The 2022 event ended the hiatus of the event due to covid, and 2023 is expected to be even bigger. Cruisin’ for a Cure wouldn’t be what it is without sponsors like Woodside Credit providing a high level of support. As successful as Cruisin’ for a Cure has become, there’s a chance that it could expand in the upcoming years. With the support of almost the entire Woodside Credit team, it proves a much-needed boost for a great cause.

Local Dealerships

A bunch of cars that are at a local dealership. Similar to the dealerships that partner with Woodside Credit.

With thousands of partnerships with dealerships nationwide, it would be impossible to list them all. However, the Woodside Credit Loan Program is available as a differentiated loan product for top-tier buyers.

When working locally with dealerships, convenience continues to be a huge focus for Woodside Credit. They know that people don’t want to waste a lot of time, especially if there is a quality deal on the table. Local shopping can sometimes yield the best opportunities to buy rare, exotic, and classic cars at a discounted price. 

This isn’t the only local opportunity for people to get Woodside Credit financing if they wish. There’s even an opportunity to work with private sellers by utilizing funds made available through the company. Working with returning customers as well as brand-new ones, local shopping should always be encouraged if the right opportunity presents itself.

Why Partners and Sponsorships Matter

Credibility matters quite a bit in the loan and financing community. Whenever it’s time to take out a sizable amount of money, it needs to be done with a company that’s been around for a while. Trustworthy lenders will always stand out.

Partnerships with auctions, dealerships, and more give people a direct opportunity to get financed through Woodside Credit. Some might not know that this opportunity exists in the first place, so having this presented to them helps out tremendously.

From a sponsorship perspective, this is a way to grow brand recognition. If Woodside Credit is involved in events that bring in a lot of car enthusiasts, it will only help them down the road.

Woodside Credit does a lot to keep its brand image up. The right partnership can positively impact a company, but the wrong one can cause damage.

Woodside Credit will likely continue to look for opportunities to create exciting partnerships and sponsor certain events related to the auto industry. Financing doesn’t have to be as challenging and drawn out as in the past, and Woodside Credit works toward creating a great experience for everyone.

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