Should you choose an auto locksmith instead?

There are all kinds of reasons why you might find yourself needing to call on the services of an everyday, traditional locksmith. For example, you may have locked yourself out of the house or lost the keys to your garage door, but what about if you lose your car keys instead? While you may think that the obvious answer would still be to call your local run-of-the-mill locksmith for help, this isn’t necessarily the best choice.

Here’s why

An experienced locksmith will no doubt be good at what they do. They’ve probably had years of experience when it comes to dealing with a wide variety of locks and keys and they probably know pretty much every trick of the trade when it comes to regaining access to a property. But, how much experience will they have when it comes to your vehicle? Probably not that much. Auto locksmithing is in a league of its own and is perhaps even more complicated and diverse than you’d imagine.

Why a car locksmith is a better choice for auto-related issues

An auto locksmith is by far the more sensible option if you’re having any kind of car key or car door lock-related problem and there are several reasons why. As a general rule of thumb, most auto locksmiths will only specialise in dealing with cars or vans meaning that they normally don’t offer similar services to that of an ordinary locksmith. Because of this, it’s probably not a good idea to call one if you’ve dropped your house keys down a drain! The fact that they specialise in the vehicle niche means that they spend all of their working time dealing with a wide range of vehicle makes and models, and there are a lot of them. They’re also a good option if you simply need a car key replacement because yours is lost or broken. This also tends to be a cheaper and faster option than what the dealership is able to offer.

Diverse makes and models

As everyone will know, there are a bewildering array of makes and models of car on the market today. Each manufacturer will have different types of locks, different keys and different ignition barrels to the others. This means that an auto locksmith will need to carry a wide variety of tools and accessories in order to deal with all eventualities. They’ll also need the right electronic equipment in order to both cut and programme a new key so it can connect and work correctly with a car’s onboard computer system. If it’s an emergency, factors like this can be crucial in resolving any problems.

Evolving technology

There’s also the issue of the vehicle’s age. For example, a BMW made last year will have a very different car key, lock and ignition barrel to a BMW made ten years or so ago. A decent car locksmith will not only have to carry spare keys and equipment for the latest vehicles on the road, they’ll also have to accommodate the older makes and models too. Add to this the invaluable experience that they’ve gathered over the years and you can probably appreciate why you should choose an auto locksmith the next time you find yourself having a lock or car key related problem.

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