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Food for Thought: What Makes Fuel Wheels so Special?

Fuel Wheels are regarded very highly in the aftermarket custom wheels market not only in the United States but across the world. The brand is relatively new; it was incepted as an offshoot of the famous MHT Luxury Alloys company, an American entity that manufactured high-end luxury wheels, in 2009.

But in just over a decade, Fuel Wheels have made it to the top of the charts as far as desirability and popularity are concerned. These superb alloys are at par with Vossen Wheels and products manufactured by similar companies.

In many cases, Fuel’s rims have proven to be of greater value than the other brands.

But what is the secret recipe behind the astonishing success story of Fuel? How has it managed to conquer the market despite the presence of existing high-end brands like AC Forged Wheels?

Read on as we give you a few reasons!

The magnetism of Fuel Wheels

There are several reasons why Fuel’s products are sold so widely and are accepted by most of the aftermarket experts. A few reasons where the brand beats competitors like Vossen Wheels are mentioned below.

  1. Always future ready: There is a popular myth that most advanced countries already have their EV infrastructure in position, and that it is only a matter of time before such futuristic vehicles make landfall. However, studies and surveys conducted by several independent universities and even the BBC show that this is not the case in the UK.

Most of these limitations also exist in the United States as well. However, this has not stopped Fuel Wheels from pursuing their R&D to produce the best-suited wheels and rims for the cars of the future.

This is a marked departure from what companies including AC Forged Wheels are doing. In turn, this provides the first-mover’s advantage to Fuel. This is a significant plus point and cannot be glossed over.

  1. Provides perhaps the most attractive models in different sizes: Fuel Wheels was the first major manufacturer to develop a 30-inch off-road capable rim. That was a record-breaking model, and it garnered significant eyeballs from top players in this highly competitive industry.

The reason is simple enough to fathom. MHT Alloys had expressly launched this brand as an off-roading specialist. A few years down the line, the company realized that bigger wheels were in vogue.

And let’s not even enter the realm of the superior aesthetics of the products. For several years now, Fuel Wheels have been the cynosure of the aftermarket crowd with their range of designs and finishes. Not even Vossen Wheels, which is also a manufacturer of stellar products, come close to the sheer range of looks Fuel provides.

This is because Fuel takes regular feedback from clients and updates its range every year.

This is one example of the forward-looking decision-making process at Fuel.

  1. The quality edge: Whether you are buying a set of Fuel’s 1 or 2-piece, forged, Dually or ‘Deep Lip’ rims, you can rest assured that they will be manufactured using the highest grade of raw materials. The company has tie-ups and contracts with leading alloy manufacturers worldwide.

Akin to AC Forged Wheels, Fuel’s products use 6061 T-6 aluminum in their construction. Here, the 6061 aluminum refers to a specific type of high-grade alloy with some hints of magnesium and silicon. The metal is then tempered and finally aged to the T6 standard; this makes the material durable and long-lasting.

Fuel’s manufacturing units in California are home to some of the best rim designing technologies presently available.

  1. Americana all the way: Like a number of its rival entities including Vossen Wheels, Fuel is an American icon. Each stage of its manufacture, development and deployment to retailers across the country is a testament to the American genes inherent in the brand.

Just like its parent company, MHT Alloys, Fuel Wheels are primarily aimed at the premium end of the market. However, these rims are worth every penny you spend on them.

With newer models added to popular ranges debuting each year, including aggressive and stylish off-roaders like the Rebel, Hostage, Assault, and Vengeance have caught the fancy of most passionate custom vehicle enthusiasts.

It is probably not too great a leap of imagination to understand why Fuel has surpassed even the likes of AC Forged Wheels.

Before we go

Professionals stress 2 points heavily, and we advise you to do the same. Take good care of your Fuel Wheels by sticking to the company-recommended cleaning methods. They will last you for several years and will also help increase your car’s resale value.

Also, never mix and match used and new rims. This is a dangerous practice. Whenever you are purchasing new models of these superlative custom wheels, buy the entire set!

Happy motoring to you!

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