Why An Injector Puller is a Marvelous Tool

With heavy-duty injector pullers, even the stubborn injector pumps riveted on the engine is easily removed from the engine. Find out more information on how to use injector pullers to remove the diesel injector pump as your DIY project.

A vehicle with a faulty injector pump is problematic!

Driving a vehicle with a fault injector pump unleashes unprecedented and lasting engine problems; among them is high fuel consumption and clouds of dark smoke from the exhaust pipe. The only solution is replacing the injector pump, but after years of service with little maintenance, it is difficult to separate the fuel injector from the engine! You will a little help!

Removing injector pump using pullers

Removing faulty injectors is a daunting task when using old school spanners and a tattered manual! Furthermore, mechanics will ask for a hefty paycheck for getting the job done.  But do you know with your little skills and an injector puller, removing an injector pump is a simple DIY project you will love doing?  Let us look at the procedure;

Safety first

While working with machines, safety is usually at stake! But when repairing fuel systems with injector pullers, the danger is always lurking somewhere; either you will be engulfed in a fire fueled by diesel or injured by an object. Always begin by protecting yourself using safety goggles, gloves, and industrial garments.

Removing the injector

Depending on the engine setting, model, and location of the injector pump, you must plan how to attack the stubborn injector stuck in the engines. First, you need to understand how the puller works before moving on. Then clear remove all the covering until you can clearly see the pump, set the puller, and remove the pump. However,  you need to find out more information on how to set your engine before using the puller.

Using the puller is not only the safest way to remove an injector pump, but it is also the most cost-effective method. Some injector pullers, such as hydraulic, are self-powered. Meaning, the high energy input pumped in mechanic jobs is replaced by hydraulics.

Slipping the puller inside the injector hole requires a certain degree of care to avoid destroying the injector housing. Nevertheless, an injector puller is marvelous, equipment that accomplishes even in the hands of an unqualified mechanic. So don’t fumble; instead, focus!

Don’t go for other methods other than injector pullers

Of course, there are many ways to remove the fuel injector pump but, many people who use the puller boasts of a successful engine operation! Actually, there are no single words to explain how you will benefit from this powerful, ingenious tool that multiplies your safety odds as well as supporting your home DIY project.


An injector puller is a tool you love to use again and again! It has multiple advantages and countless safety benefits. The process of removing the injector pump has been simplified by the puller, and you do not need much knowledge to accomplish this task. However, it essential to know that the application of injector pullers depends on the engine model and follows a few steps, you should find out more information on it.

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