The Risks of Driving with Cracked or Broken Windscreen

It is wrong to ignore the existence of a cracked or broken windscreen. The risks are significant and go beyond the chipping entering the eye. Also, it is against the law to drive with a damaged windscreen. However, the dangers go beyond the two most common reasons you would think about.

Regardless of the size of damage to the windscreen, it would be best to seek Southampton window repairs. The professionals can repair minor cracks and replace the windshield if the damage is significant. It depends on its severity, but the service is vital to ensure safety while in the vehicle. Here are some risks that cracked or broken windscreen poses;

Hampers Vision

It is critical to get the right vision while driving on a highway. Although you can see through a damaged windscreen, it may not be accurate due to damage to the glass. You will not see the road clearly, and sunlight’s reflection will make it challenging to see correctly. In turn, it will put you at risk of accidents since it will hamper vision while driving. So, do not take the chances as you will be putting your life and the passengers at risk if you do not have clear visibility of the road.

Weakens the Front Parts

The windscreen is essential in the structural stiffness of the car’s front part. Also, it helps hold the roof firmly in place. In case of an accident, the windscreen helps keep the pieces together and spread the impact to other parts of the vehicle. But, if it has damage, the benefits are not there, and it will be easy for the pieces to crumble even under minimal impact.

Airbag Deployment

Airbags are lifesavers when accidents happen, and they rely on the windscreen to deploy effectively. The features will not deploy in the right direction with a damaged windscreen. The impact of an accident and the airbag deploying will likely break the windshield. You will have no protection since the airbag will move and not be positioned appropriately after inflating.


The seat belts are vital to limit ejection from the car when an accident happens. In the likelihood that you are not using the features, the windscreen will probably prevent the occupants from ejection. However, a cracked or broken windscreen must be rigid to withstand the accident impact and ensure safety.

On the other hand, cracks on the windscreen are a point of weakness. The front will likely shatter when you least expect it. It can happen while driving at high speed through the force that the wind generates. The damage may start as a minor issue, but it will grow over time, posing a safety risk to drivers and passengers. When it shatters, the particles can get into the eyes or cause other body injuries.


It is vital to take all necessary steps and precautions to ensure safety. Ensure to repair a cracked or broken windscreen to protect yourself and those you love.

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