Seven Factors to Consider when Buying a Used BMW Motorcycle

Every motorcycle buyer should pay attention to details, in addition to the design. Sales agents at dealerships are there to give assistance to buyers who want to check a bike’s features. If you are on the market for a moto bmw usage , don’t be an impulsive buyer. Buying a motorcycle is like buying a pair of shoes—some don’t fit you. When picking a BMW model, below are some considerations you must keep in mind:

Heat of the Bike’s Seat

Try to mount yourself on the bike to check its seat height. While a lot of BMW adventure bikes and other off-road motorcycles are now ruling the sales chart, they are tall and require longer legs for effective balancing. Pick a bike with a ride height that will let you put your feet on the ground while seated. Remember that you will have to tip-toe and do one-foot balancing in traffic.

Position of the Foot Peg

Footpegs can be positioned slightly forward, rearward, and in the middle. BMW race bikes have footpegs positioned slightly rearward while touring bikes or cruisers have theirs placed forwards. It is important to adjust your riding style based on the foot peg position for your comfort and safety.

Brake and Clutch Lever

Of course, hands differ in sizes and grip. That is why you must check if the levers of the bike are smooth and soft to operate. Some are spaced farther from the handle grips while others are closer. As you crawl on heavy traffic, you may have trouble dealing with widely-spaced levers.

Handle Bars

Handlebars that are too wide can be a disadvantage as you squeeze through traffic. Also, they can trigger back pains. Any rider with an athletic build can take this riding position.

Seat Cushion

BMW sport bikes are designed with thinner seat cushion for a better feel for the bike. But, standard bikes, touring, cruisers, and adventure bikes have thicker or wider paddings for endurance and comfort purposes.

Size of the Tank

Big-sized fuel tanks appeal to some riders. But, a lot of riders, especially female ones, cannot bear them. When cornering, you must lock your legs in between the tank to have better control of your motorcycle so ensure the tank size is doable.

Temperature of the Engine

Motorcycles with big engines can have unbearable engine heat. Determining may not be easy by just mounting yourself on the bike inside a showroom, but you can check motorcycle reviews online.

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