Discover The Wonders Of The Road Less Traveled With Off-Road Caravans

Australia has been called the Lucky Country – and for those who travel beyond the reach of its highways and byways, the name rings true. It is certainly lucky for those who want to explore its natural wonders. Around each corner, there are natural wonders. The stark beauty of the Outback, the wonder of the Great Barrier reef, the solid bulk and mystery of Ayers Rock and the wildness of its magnificent coasts where beaches of golden sands await are all awaiting exploration.

But what about those who want to go beyond the limits of the beaten path, who want to explore on their own terms?

For these explorers, off-road caravaning provides the freedom to wander far from the destinations that most will frequent on their exploration of the wonders of Australia.

Thankfully off-road caravans have changed in recent years. they always boasted a ruggedness that could take the harshness of the dirt tracks that lead to some hidden wonders – but they may have sacrificed home comforts for that toughness. Today companies like the family-owned Retreat Caravans have combined that ruggedness with an attention to detail, finishes, and modern conveniences that make any journey of exploration as comfortable as it is fascinating.

The Technology of the Future – Today

For over 15 years Retreat Caravans has been at the forefront of off-road caravaning – and today they have made the next generation of off-road caravans available to those who want to push the limits. Take for instance the ERV, the world’s first completely electric off-road caravan. No longer will those who want to explore far flung wonders in destinations like the Outback be limited by the availability of gas cylinder refills – with solar power, innovative batteries, and inverters the only limits are the far horizon.

Luxury On and Off the Road

However, the experts at Retreat Caravans have not ignored the creature comforts. each of their innovative models, the Whitsunday, the Daydream, and the tough and versatile Fraser have every modern convenience that those dedicated to exploring would want. The various models offer exceptional choices with conveniences such as microwaves, induction cookers, premium audio systems, washing machines, outside showers, roof-mounted floodlights, bug-proof lighting, external speakers, top-quality finishes, and stylish kitchen fittings – and in some instances outdoor showers for those balmy nights. These are only a few of the touches that make exploration a pleasure.

Ruggedness and Reliability  

Under the skin, the experts at Retreat Caravans have ensured that their off-road caravans can cope with whatever Mother Nature can throw at them. Specialized off-road wheels, togh as nails chassis, innovative suspension systems and sway control (among other innovations) ensure that each retreat caravan is as comfortable on the road as it is navigating the most challenging of off-road conditions.

For those who want to commit themselves to the road less travelled – and enjoy making dreams that will last a lifetime a visit to the Retreat Caravans website at will reveal luxury packages and the opportunity to explore the various models at the company’s virtual showroom. Take that step and set your eyes firmly on the horizon.

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