One of the most fundamental purchases you can make for your car repair shop or garage is a vehicle lift. But choosing the ideal one can be challenging for newcomers, given the market’s abundance of brands and models. This is why we’ve compiled a list of top vehicle lifts. We have you covered for anything from two-post to four-post and even scissor lifts.

Scissor car lifts

All vehicle lifts that hoist cars using accordion-like mechanisms below the runways are scissor lifts. Scissor lifts can be drive-on or four-arm style lifts, depending on how the cylinders and lifting rods are set up. They are commonly used as midlife-style hoists. Additionally, they can be used for wheel service when it’s not necessary to elevate your car very high. This selection has scissor lifts in various heights and capacities to meet the needs of both professional shops and hobbyists.

Two post lifts

Two-post lifts are well-known due to their two dependable posts and reassuring stabilizing arms. They are a more affordable option for smaller companies or amateurs starting the repair business. They are also fantastic because they take up little space in your garage, which is convenient and space-saving.

Two post lifts come in various varieties now, so understanding their distinctions is crucial. Initial classifications for two-post lifts include symmetrical, asymmetrical, and symmetrical.

With symmetrical lifts, their posts are oriented squarely at one another, and the support arm assemblies support roughly 50% of the load individually. Asymmetrical lifts, on the other hand, feature swing arms that differ in length from front to back and even have a rotational post design. The symmetrical lift is the third viable option, enabling users to benefit from being both symmetric and asymmetric simultaneously.

Four post lifts

Four post lifts are simple to use and cater to a broader customer range, more hobbyists in residential garages, and any size shop. This is mainly because floor anchors are not required for these lifts. However, you will need sliding bridge jacks to elevate the wheels off the runway if you intend to utilize this type of lift for wheel service.

Four post lifts offer both variation and a high lifting capability. The open front lift, which lacks a front crossbar, enables simple entry and departure for operators from the vehicle’s bottom. As a result, front-end modification is quick and simple. The second choice is the closed front four post lift, which features the bar stated before in the front of the lift.

In-ground car lifts

In-ground lifts were the standard in virtually all large shops and rental businesses for many years. These made it possible to store cars underneath the floors of stores when they weren’t in use. They are excellent options for keeping the ground free of debris and come in the elevator or scissor lift styles.

Final words

Other types of car lifts include mobile column car lifts, parking lifts, and portable car lifts. The kind of work you’ll perform on your vehicles will determine your ideal type of car lift.

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