Hail damage can cause visual havoc such as dents and cause interior water damages due to broken window shields. That is why looking for a genuine hail damage repair shop is worthwhile. A specialized hail damage repair technician can be able to fix your hail-damaged car within no time and get you back on the road with your vehicle restored to its good condition. When you get assistance from a professional and experienced team who know what they are doing, you can maintain your car’s value and longevity.

Knowing what happens during hail car damage repair is vital to help you choose the right body shop repair service. There are many ways of fixing repairs on a hail-damaged car, but an experienced technician can advise you of the best method to use. It can entail a complete replacement to minor body works such as dent repair, so it’s best to know your possibilities before you schedule the work. Here are some of the standard methods of fixing hail damage on a car.

Paintless dent repair

If the hail damage has not interfered with your exterior car paint, the technician may recommend a modern process known as paintless dent repair. They use specialized tools to access the car dent from the inside of the metal panel and straighten or remove it without interfering with the car paint. The method does not involve invasive bodywork. But never attempt paintless dent repair on your own as you may make the problem worse and make it costly for the technician to fix. Hire an experienced technician who knows what they are doing.

Building primer

Building primer is also a unique method technicians use to fix minor hail damage on cars. Primer is used after sanding down the dented or damaged part, and then the technician fills the space with just enough primer to conceal it fully. The area is then sanded again to even out the new coverage and repainted to restore the paint.

Body filler

Body fillers are used to fix minor to medium car hail damage. The technician gets all the way down to the metal surrounding the dent and covers the damage or dent with a body filler material. Then they sand it and repaint it to match the rest of the car’s exterior.


Replacing the damaged car parts is also an option during hail damage repair on cars. Depending on the extent of the hail damage, your repair technician may decide that it is better to replace the parts altogether. They can install new doors, panels, hoods and then repaint them to match the rest of the car paint. Replacing may be easier than repairing several car dents resulting from hailstorms.

Windshield replacement or repair

If hailstorms also damaged your car’s windshield or screen, the technician might recommend repairing or fixing them. An experienced technician can make simple repairs of minor cracks or replace a completely shuttered window screen.

The final words

Find a body works repair shop with experienced technicians you can trust. A well-skilled team will know how to handle any type of hail damage and repair your car using the least invasive methods possible to maintain your car’s pristine look. It is also wise to consider a company that offers a warranty to cover the cost of additional repairs necessary in the future.

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