Choosing a dirt bike – what to pay attention to?

There are plenty of features to take into account when planning your first purchase of a dirt bike. What to pay attention to? Check some advice on how to find your dream model!

A dirt bike is an investment for years or even decades, especially if purchased for an adult. It has to be fast and comfortable but also provide you with the highest level of safety. Obviously, you can make some adjustments after buying the bike. However, it’s important to choose the most fitting model already at the beginning, as some features are unchangeable.

What features are the most significant when choosing in between particular models? Check our tips.

The type of bike versus your needs

When choosing a bike, consider the type of riding you are planning to do. You can choose in between dual-sport bikes, trail bikes, and track bikes. If you are searching for the best acceleration, choose the track bikes because of their low gearing. But if you want to achieve the best speed, you’ll appreciate dual-sport or trail ones more. 

The dual-sport bikes are the most versatile, so if you’re looking for universal equipment, you should definitely give it a go. 

Take into account whether you will ride off-road or on the highways but also the conditions that will accompany you most often.

Size, proportions, and balance

The perfect dirt bike has to fit you perfectly. It should be neither too big nor too small. Otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable when driving, but also your safety will decrease. To have maximum control over your bike, choose models in which your whole feet can touch flat on the ground. Note, however, that your knees should not bend – then, it means that the bike you’ve chosen is too small. 

Pay attention also to the distance in between the seat and hand of the bike. It should allow you to navigate the two-wheeler comfortably and safely. With the right bike, you will neither have to stretch nor take weird positions. Remember that the balance on the bike is crucial, particularly when you’re riding on the off-road trails. 

Adjust your suspension

If you want to improve your bike’s performance, remember of adjusting your suspension. It will help you go over the obstacles with a bigger velocity. Adjusting your suspension is also the best way to make sure you’ll keep on track regardless of the type of area you ride on. Moreover, the good suspension also allows you to avoid getting tired quickly.

The best way of adjusting your suspension is by using the services of the dirt bike suspension companies. Choose a reliable provider that will take care of improving the performance of your bike.

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