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Manufacturers sell just about every new vehicle with a warranty; however, there is a controlled period of time in which the coverage is valid.  

When the warranty period ends, car owners are left without protection against damages. This indicates that the owner will become liable to cover the repair costs should an issue arise while driving.

A vehicle protection plan is a service contract meant to provide coverage for certain car parts in case of a mechanical breakdown.  

Essentially, the vehicle protection plan is intended to ensure you will not have to cover the cost of unexpected repairs out of pocket after your manufacturer’s warranty expires.

There are other names by which vehicle protection plans are called, including vehicle service contracts. Regardless of what it is called, a vehicle protection plan can supply drivers with peace of mind while on the road, knowing that an unexpected repair will not be a massive financial burden.

It is vital to note that a vehicle service contract might be required by your leaser if you finance your vehicle. Additionally, vehicle protection plans are not meant to replace car insurance. 

If an accident occurs, you must file a claim via your insurance provider since the warranty only covers damage caused by mechanical breakdowns.

Benefits of Vehicle Protection Plan

A close-up picture of a steering wheel and someone driving their car

Peace of Mind 

All car parts have an anticipated lifecycle, and the more miles of wear and tear the parts have, the nearer they are to needing a major repair or possibly failing. 

Breakdowns are more likely to occur when the vehicle’s mileage is high.  However, with a vehicle protection plan, you can drive with complete peace of mind.

Suppose, after a breakdown, you get stranded on the roadside. In that case, any viable vehicle protection plan provider will link you with a towing company to get you to the closest certified auto repair shop. 

Additionally, the vehicle service contract provider may provide coverage for repair and options for a rental car. If you are concerned that your high-mileage vehicle could develop issues, a vehicle service contract can provide well-needed reassurance.

Vehicle Service Contract Can be Tailored to Your Needs

Often, factory warranties use a cookie-cutter method, with particular conditions and terms in the fine print that could make them unsuitable for many drivers.  

Some vehicle protection plan providers will allow you to tailor coverage that will satisfy your particular needs.

Maximize Resale Value

If you decide to sell your car, you’ll likely want the most money possible. A vehicle protection plan can assist you in maintaining your vehicle and retaining its value.  

For a small fee, some vehicle service contracts are transferable; this will make your vehicle quite a bit more attractive for any prospective new owner compared to another vehicle that is not covered.

Minimize Ownership Cost

Vehicle ownership comes with a sizeable investment. As such, saving on funds where you can is critical.  

A vehicle protection plan can significantly assist you in avoiding costly repairs that you would have to pay out of pocket. A vehicle protection program has some premiums or upfront costs; however, your provider will provide coverage for any significant repair bills experienced during the coverage period. 

Specifically, you will not have to be concerned about costly maintenance bills.

Additional Benefits

Along with reducing the cost of substantial repair bills, vehicle protection plans provide customers with bonus features such as rental car coverage or roadside assistance.

CarGuard Administration

CarGuard Administration is, in essence, a company known for providing vehicle protection plans to car owners interested in being covered after their warranty expires.  

Launching the company in 2015, its founder Trevor Smith had the vision of forming a company that would transform into the finest vehicle protection plan provider.  

As the years go by, the company has managed to keep up with its original goal and objectives.  The founders of CarGuard Administration had a mission to change some of the negative points of view of the industry; these include unfavorable customer service and the shortage of decent client relations.

CarGuard would like to ensure that all drivers are covered while on the road.  A driver with a vehicle service contract is not overly worried about the cost of going to a repair shop.

This significantly and positively impacts the peace of mind of the vehicle owner and the car’s welfare. If a minor issue is disregarded, it will soon become a significant problem.

Customers who use the services of CarGuard Administration are given the distinct advantage of accessing practical solutions. Furthermore, the company is continuously looking for new ways to make its customers’ experience more valuable.  

The methods to achieve this include facilitating customers with fast and convenient access to the company’s services.

The reviews provided by the client base of CarGuard Administration are primarily responsible for the first-rate reputation the company boasts. This is mainly because the company makes obtaining vehicle protection plans relatively easy. 

CarGuard Administration collaborates with car dealerships and clients to ensure that more drivers are provided with coverage when traversing the roadway daily.  

This is vital since individuals must know when their vehicle could develop problems. An owner is safeguarded against paying for vehicle repairs when covered with a vehicle protection plan from a reputable company like CarGuard Administration.

Recently, a new service was unveiled by Trevor Smith of CarGuard, revealing something the company is currently offering.  

The company was about to launch a facility for online auto claims when it was announced. This means CarGuard Administration members can open a vehicle claim via this service online.   

This is part of the company’s mission to adjudicate member claims expediently and fairly while simultaneously offering top-notch customer service.

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