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Selling Your Car – An Easy Guide

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So it’s time to sell your car. Whether you are looking to change your preferred mode of transport or use your car to sell or part exchange for a new one – you may be looking for a guide to help you when it’s time to handover the keys. There are several options such as selling privately or going to a specialist dealership to sell your car. In this article – we cover everything that you need to know when selling your car.

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Choosing How to Sell Your Car

You have two main options when looking to sell your car, doing the legwork and advertising your car yourself or taking the easier route and selling directly to a dealer. There’s benefits and considerations to both:

  • With proper preparation – selling your car privately can net you a better deal and put more cash in your pocket. You’ll need to do all of the paperwork yourself and you will need to watch out for scammers.
  • The dealership is easier to sell to and may allow you to ‘part exchange’ your car to pay towards getting another one. If your car is in high demand – you can use this as a way to negotiate a better price. The dealership will go ahead and sort all of the paperwork for you.

Preparing Your Car For Sale

The hard part is getting your car ready to be sold. Make sure that your car is in good repair and that you have cleaned your car and decluttered the inside. Make sure that your belongings have been removed from the car and you may want to invest in air freshener or something to make your car smell fresh.

Scuffs and other forms of damage are cheap to repair so you can go the extra mile to try and increase the overall value of your car. A service from a professional can also help prove that your car is working correctly. Ensure all of your relevant documents are ready such as your service history as well as any relevant paperwork for your car. Proof you own the car and insurance details are also handy.

Selling Your Car Privately

If you have a handful of documents and proof that you own your vehicle that is easy to explain and demonstrate – you are on the right track when selling your car. Now that you have this – you may proceed to sell your car privately. Having a well-stamped service book also shows that you have taken good care of the car. Advertising your car is important so think about how you may advertise that your car is up for sale.

It’s important to set a fair or realistic asking price as you will find it hard to get any sellers if you set your price too far from market value. The market can also have shortages in certain models which you can use to increase your price. Negotiation is key when selling your car. Make sure to protect yourself from scammers by only giving away the keys when you receive payment. Finally – make all of the legal arrangements at the point of sale.

Going to a Car Dealership

Car dealerships will be looking to turn over a profit – so get your negotiating skills at the ready. After preparing your car for sale, find a local trusted dealership and take a look at the cars they have available. You may be able to part exchange for the next car that you want. Ensure that you have a fair asking price and understand the demand in the market. As discussed – you may be able to get a better price if the dealer knows that the car is desirable at the time. Going to the dealership is easier as they will handle the paperwork for you although the paperwork is not difficult to complete.

Got a tip that we didn’t mention here? Why not go ahead and leave a comment below. We’d love to hear your top tips on selling a car or vehicle.

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